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Research outline

Group activity description::

The research activity of the group is strongly focused on the development of graphene nanometric devices and other two-dimensional materials (such as chalcogenides of transition metals), such as field effect transistors, diodes and junctions. In particular, great attention is paid to the manufacture and electrical characterization of field effect transistors (FET), studying in particular the effects of metal contacts and the geometric dimensions of the channel. The analysis of the contact resistance at the graphene / metal interface has been the subject of numerous experiments and studies in order to achieve an appropriate theoretical model capable of explaining the experimental observations. There are numerous international publications that summarize the various important results, such as the effect of the nature of the metal on contact resistance, the effect of gate polarization and contaminants due to electronic nanolithography processes. Furthermore, great attention has been paid to the study and modeling of unusual characteristics (such as asymmetry or double minimum conductances) in the transfer characteristics of graphene transistors. Finally, the study has recently been aimed also at the characterization of the electric transport in heterojunctions / semiconductors and their possible use as photoelectric devices, photovoltaic cells and / or chemical sensors.


Research group:

Prof.Antonio Di Bartolomeo


Di Bartolomeo, A., Giubileo, F., Grillo, A., Luongo, G., Iemmo, L., Urban, F., Lozzi, L., Capista, D., Nardone, M., Passacantando, M., Bias tunable photocurrent in metal-insulator-semiconductor heterostructures with photoresponse enhanced by carbon nanotubes, (2019) Nanomaterials, 9 (11), art. no. 1598, DOI: 10.3390/nano9111598

Di Bartolomeo, A., Pelella, A., Liu, X., Miao, F., Passacantando, M., Giubileo, F., Grillo, A., Iemmo, L., Urban, F., Liang, S.-J., Pressure-TunableAmbipolar Conduction and Hysteresis in Thin Palladium Diselenide Field Effect Transistors, (2019) Advanced Functional Materials, 29 (29), art. no. 1902483, DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201902483

Di Bartolomeo, A., Urban, F., Passacantando, M., McEvoy, N., Peters, L., Iemmo, L., Luongo, G., Romeo, F., Giubileo, F., A WSe 2 vertical field emission transistor, (2019) Nanoscale, 11 (4), pp. 1538-1548. DOI: 10.1039/c8nr09068h 


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