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Research outline

Triplet spin valve device and behavior of the magnetoresistance: The system is biased by means of non-magnetic leads N1 and N2 having a transverse dimension W. The research activity covers the study of Correlated Systems at Low Dimensionality by means of field theoretical and many-body approaches to describe physical systems like high-temperature superconductors, one-dimensional electron systems (chains and spin ladders, Luttinger liquids) and nanostructures. Recently my research activity has been focused on the study of spin transport in mesoscopic systems like nanotubes, ferromagnetic-superconducting hybrid nanostructures and on the quantum phase transitions in models of interacting boson gases in optical lattices.

Magnetoresistance curves as a function of the superconductor length d s. Differently from an s-wave spin valve, the MR is a non-vanishing function of  d s. My main results regards the development of a non-conventional diagrammatic technique for strongly interacting electron systems, based on the cumulant expansion, while regarding the quantum transport I developed the idea of a quantum pump for quantum information processes.

My research activity develops along the following lines::

  • Study of strongly correlated electron models;
  • Study of magnetic properties of spin ½ chains and ladders;
  • Spin transport properties in mesoscopic systems in nanostructures;
  • Interacting quantum gases: interaction, disorder and transport effects.

Research groups:

Dott.ssa Roberta Citro



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